Ocracoke on Palm





Ocracoke Island Database for your Palm OS

1. Please download the Database program Db.prc and save to your PC.

2. Please download the Ocracoke Database Ocracoke7.pdb and save 

    to your PC.

3. Run both files and you will then be prompted to sync your Palm.

4. Sync your PC with your palm.  This will transfer the database

   program and the Ocracoke database to your palm.

5. On the Palm select DB, then select Ocracoke Listing

6. Listing includes Category, Business Name, Map Location, Phone

    Number, Email and Web

7. Enjoy !!

The database is updated every couple months and updates are free. You

only need to install DB.prc once.

Database (palm os) PDB Date
Ocracoke Listing  Ocracoke7.pdb 07/02/2002


Program (palm os) PRC Date
Palm OS Database Prog. db.prc 06/01/2002