Navel Base Photos





U. S. Navy Base, Ocracoke Island, North Carolina 1942-1946

The Base was commissioned on October 9, 1942.  On January 16, 1944 it was converted to an Amphibious Training Base, and in 1945 it was setup as a Combat Information Center. In 1946 the Base was closed.  The following picture can be found in a fantastic book written by Earl W. O'neal, Jr. "Ocracoke Island, It's People, the U.S. Coast Guard and Navy Base During World War II".  The Base Pictures were taken by LCDR Henning A. Rountree, Jr. USNR RET, in September 1947 and these copies were sent to Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wahab Howard.  Their daughter, Mrs Elizabeth Howard Chamberlin, has been gracious in allowing the photos to be presented on this web site for all of us to enjoy.

anphibnavybase1.jpg (53960 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base from Silver Lake

anphibnavybase2.jpg (52888 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base Administrative Building

anphibnavybase3.jpg (70301 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base Docks & Electrical Shop

anphibnavybase4.jpg (55065 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base Thirty Bed Hospital

anphibnavybase5.jpg (52457 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base Training Offices

anphibnavybase6.jpg (46011 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base Theater with Engineering Building

anphibnavybase7.jpg (49680 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base Enlisted Quarters & Incinerator

anphibnavybase8.jpg (50337 bytes) Ocracoke Navy Base Food Lockers, Auxiliary Power Plant